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Progress and Challenges in the Behavioral Treatment of Autism, sponsored by the Association for Behavior Analysis, February 4, 2021
Evidence-Based Practices for Helping Secondary Students with Autism Transition Successfully to AdulthoodDavid Test
10th International Conference, CEC-DDD Conference, February 1, 2021
Secondary Transition Practices: What is the Current Evidence Base?David Test and Sharon M. Richter
Making the Connection: Indicators 1, 2, 13, & 14 - September 20th, 2006
8:30 – 9:05 WelcomeDr. David Test, NSTTAC Audio
 Dr. Alexa Posny, Director
Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)
 Dr. Ruth Ryder, Director
OSEP Monitoring and State Improvement Planning Division
 Dr. Marlene Simon-Burroughs, Associate Division Director Secondary Transition Postsecondary Team
NSTTAC Project Officer

9:05 – 9:25 Dr. Paula Kohler, NSTTAC

Using Indicator Data to Improve What We Do
Looking at Data Collection and Use through a New Lense

9:30- 10:40 Dr. David Test

Collecting Indicator Data

Washington State's Strategies - Cinda Johnson, Center for Change in Transition Services, Seattle University  PowerPoint 

10:50-12:00 Loujeania Bost, Mathew Klare, and Sandra Smith - National Dropout Prevention Center

Wisconsin's Making the Connection, Steve Gilles

Sharing Your Findings PowerPointAudio
1:00- 2:00 Dr. Paula Kohler, NSTTAC The New Mexico Model- Ginger Blalock, Susan Lancaster, James Alarid Using Your Data to Foster Improvement


2:00-3:00 Dr. Larry Kortering Reflections, Resources, and Evaluation  Audio
New Mexico Cadre Meeting, April 27, 2021
Transition rich IEPs, addressing IDEA 2004 requirements.Kohler, P.
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Transition Conference; January 21-22, 2008
Age Appropriate Transition Assessment: A Tool For Helping Keep Youth In School Larry Kortering & Pat Braziel





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