National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center

Advisory Board

  1. Loujeania Bost - National Drop-Out Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities, Clemson University
  2. Mike Bullis - National Post-School Outcomes Center, University of Oregon
  3. Barbara Guy - Iowa Department of Education
  4. Connie Hawkins - Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center
  5. Lucy Ely Pagán - Western Regional Resource Center
  6. Juan Portley - Doctoral Student, University of Oklahoma
  7. Brenda Simmons - Transition Services Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  8. Mark Torres - Bryan High School, Texas
  9. Mike Ward - HEATH Resource Center for Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Disabilities, George Washington University
  10. Mabrey Whetstone - Director of Special Education Services, Alabama State Department
  11. Joan Wills - Center for Workforce Development
  12. Dr. Deanne Unruh, University of Oregon