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Dr. David W. Test is a Professor of Special Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He teaches courses in single subject research, transition, classroom management, and professional writing. The majority of Dr. Test's publications have focused on self-determination, transition, community-based training, and supported employment. Along with Dr. Nellie Aspel and Dr. Jane Everson he wrote the first transition methods textbook titled Transition Methods for Youth with Disabilities. Dr. Test currently serves as a Co-Project Director (with Dr. Paula Kohler) of the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center, Co-Director on the North Carolina Indicator 14 Post-school Outcomes Project and the IES CIRCLES project (with Dr. Claudia Flowers), and the UNC Charlotte Doctoral Leadership Personnel Preparation Program (with Dr. Diane Browder). Finally, he and Dr. Bob Algozzine currently serve as co-editors of Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals. He just does not seem to be able to do anything by himself.