Sharon Field

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Dr. Sharon Field is Professor (Research) and Co-director of the Center for Self-determination and Transition in the College of Education at Wayne State University. Her areas of specialization include self-determination, transition and life skills, and applied positive psychological practices. Dr. Field has directed several federally funded self-determination projects. Through these projects she developed, with Dr. Alan Hoffman, a model of self-determination and the Steps to Self-Determination curriculum and with Drs. Alan Hoffman and Shlomo Sawilowsky a self-determination assessment battery. She served as lead author of A Practical Guide to Teaching Self-determination, and played a supporting role in the development of Transition from School to Life, both published by the Council for Exceptional Children. Dr. Field served as a major consultant to the Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities in the development of their "Bridges" transition program for high school aged youth and as president of the Division on Career Development and Transition, Council for Exceptional Children. She has direct service experience in schools as a special education teacher, job placement specialist and administrator.