Steven Eddy

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Steven Eddy is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Mr. Eddy has a permanent, congenital disability (cerebral palsy). During the entire time as a student in public school, he attended regular classes with students without disabilities. In 1992, he obtained a B. A. in History from UNC-Charlotte. He then served as a high school teacher from 1993-1998, during which time he taught Social Studies to students with and without disabilities in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Mr. Eddy obtained a Masters Degree in Special Education in 2000. In 2001, he entered the first cohort of Special Education Ph.D. candidates at UNC-Charlotte. His areas of interest include transition and self-advocacy to prepare students with disabilities to attend college. As a result, he has since co-authored several journal articles in the area of transition for students with disabilities. He has co-authored an article published in Career Development for Exceptional Individuals regarding data collection on student performance for students in the North Carolina Occupational Course of Study. In addition, Mr. Eddy has co-authored an article on self-advocacy programs which was published in Remedial and Special Education as well as a directory of model programs in self-advocacy. As a person with a disability, he has been asked by colleagues to speak about his personal, educational, and professional experiences on several occasions. Most recently, he was asked to speak to students in UNC Charlottes Counseling program concerning how to communicate with people with disabilities. Mr. Eddy is currently working on a dissertation to determine whether college students with disabilities who participated in their IEP/transition planning in high school act in a self-determined manner in college.