Sue Fager

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Sue Fager has worked professionally with people with disabilities for over twenty-five years. She has been with PACER Center, a nationally recognized parent training and information, since 2000. At PACER, Ms. Fager has worked on state and national projects funded by the U.S. Rehabilitation Services Administration and the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy. She has organized national conferences, provided technical assistance to the staff of parent training projects from across the country, and currently edits Reference Points, an electronic service that sends weekly updates highlighting new transition resources of interest to parent advocates and transition professionals. She is an experienced presenter and has developed and presented curricula for use with youth with disabilities and their families that focus on transition-related topics including, community living, self-determination, employment, post-secondary options, successful people with disabilities, and learning with learning disabilities both locally and nationally. She is a parent educator and transition specialist with PACER Center. She has written and presented disability-related curriculums on transition, self-advocacy, employment, post secondary education, learning disabilities and navigating adult service systems. In addition, she has written a national curriculum on employment preparation for youth with disabilities and also participated in the writing of a national curriculum on the Olmstead Decision. Ms. Fager has a sibling with a cognitive disability and has worked with youth and adults with disabilities for over twenty-four years. She has worked at PACER for five years.