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2010 Secondary Transition State Planning Institute Presentations

Early Bird Session -

Postsecondary Education

General Presentations

OSEP Welcome Recording:
The Work of the Institute Recording:
Keynote Message: Cradle to College and Career Recording:
Young Adult Panel Recording:
North East/ North Central Regional Meeting Recording:

Round 1

Coherence Among Transition Initiatives: Follow-Up to Keynote Presentation
Mary Watson, NC Department of Public Instruction
Elizabeth Partoyan, Council of Chief State School Officers
Jay Engeln, National Association of Secondary School Principals
Christy Chambers, CEC’s Council of Administrators of Special Education
Christine Brown, Lakeview Public Schools, St. Clair Shores, MI

Post-School Outcomes Data Use Toolkit Training (2 part session – 2nd part offered during Round 4)
Charlotte Alverson, NPSO Center
Jim Leinen, NPSO Center

Statewide Training to Improve Indicator 13 Data Collection and Implementation
Maureen Wirth, Colorado Department of Education
Allison Lowenthal, Colorado Department of Education

Students with Cognitive Disabilities in Postsecondary Education
Meg Grigal, TransCen, Inc. and the Center for Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Debra Hart, Institute for Community Inclusion and the Center for Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Dedra Hafner, Edgewood College

Interventions that Support Positive Outcomes for Students with and At-Risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Tim Lewis, Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) Center
Sandra Covington-Smith, NDPC-SD
iLinc recording of this session:

Vocational Rehabilitation and the Department of Education REALLY Working Together to Achieve Better Outcomes for Students
Jackie Burr, Oregon Department of Education
Clayton Rees, Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Tom Barkley, Maryland Department of Education
Adele Connolly, Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services
iLinc recording of this session:

Round 2

Indicator 14 Update
Jane Falls, NPSO Center
Lynne Fairfax, OSEP
Christine Pilgrim, OSEP

Building Capacity in Transition Services in Florida: Project 10
Sheila Gritz, Florida Department of Education
Jordan Knab, University of South Florida St. Petersburg

Implementing Evidence-Based Practices: Research into Practice in States and Districts
Deb Swink, Clinton, Arkansas
Keita Rone, Louisiana Department of Education
Lynda Price, Temple University

Preparing Highly Qualified Professionals in Secondary Transition: Use of Technology to Support Professional Development
John Spinney, Vermont Department of Education
Michael Ward, George Washington University
Mary Morningstar, Transition Coalition
iLinc Recording of this session:

Dropout Prevention through Career Exploration
Heather Silva, QUEST Program, Howard Doolin Middle School
Allison Balladeras, QUEST Program, Howard Doolin Middle School

Round 3

How the Heck Do We Contact Some of Our Former Students?
Sharman Davis Barrett, PACER Center
Bob Shepherd, SUNY Potsdam
David Sienko, Rhode Island Department of Education
Cinda Johnson, Seattle University
iLinc recording of this session:

Improving Post-School Outcomes for Youth with Mental Health Issues
David Guardino and Jackie Burr, Oregon Department of Education
Mason Haber, University North Carolina at Charlotte

Understanding the Role of Transition within RTI in Secondary Schools
Mary Morningstar, University of Kansas

Indicators 1 & 2 Measurement Changes
Lynne Fairfax and Christine Pilgrim, OSEP
Loujeania Williams Bost, NDPC-SD

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Leading School Completion at the Building Level
John Artinger, North East High School, MD
David Moore, Miami Southridge Senior High School, FL
Mark Earnest, Rabun County High School, GA

Examining Outcome Data and Implementing Evidence-Based Practices: Seeing the Connections
Mary Kampa Post-High Grant, Wisconsin
David Brewer, Cornell University
Sue Barlow, New York Parent Center

Round 4

Post-School Outcomes Data Use Toolkit Training (posted in Round 1)
Charlotte Alverson & Jim Leinen, NPSO Center

Using Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems for Post-School Outcomes Data Collection
Sheila Gritz, Florida Department of Education
Jordan Knab, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Michael Stoehr and Audrey Kappel, Pennsylvania Technical Assistance and Training Network (PaTTAN)
iLinc recording of this session: note: slides presented by Jordan Knab (Florida) are not available “in recording”, but are included in the link above associated with Sheila Gritz from Florida

Creating a Dialogue around Transition: Using Tools Developed by the Transition Community of Practice
Representatives from the Community of Practice on Transition

National Secondary Transition Trends
Renee Cameto, SRI International

Secondary Transition and Dropout Prevention Within a Statewide Framework to Implement Effective Practices
Chuck Saur, Michigan’s Transition Outcomes Project
Leisa Gallagher, Reaching and Teaching Struggling Learners

Building Effective Interventions in Dropout Preventions A-Z
Loujeania Williams Bost and Sandra Covington Smith, NDPC-SD

Characteristics of Reentry Programs for Out-of-School Youth
Julia Wilkins, NDPC-SD

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