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2012 Capacity Building Institute Presentations

Forum for Youth Investment, Karen Pittman

View Keynote

Building Accessible Inclusive Transportation Systems

View Presentation (Easter Seals Project Action [ESPA])

Dropout Prevention and Transition Planning in Michigan
View Presentation Handout 1 (SCEP-1 Student Assets)
Handout 2 (MiPHY Survey Tool)
Handout 3 (MiPHY County/Region Participation)
Handout 4 (Student-level Engagement Factors)
Handout 5 (Student Engagement Factors Rubric)

Effective Dropout Prevention and Transition Planning for Overage Middle School Youth
Handout 1 (Tools for Middle Schools 2011-2012) Handout 2 (Academic Contract)
Handout 3 (Learning Walk Classroom Observation) Handout 4 (Promotion Action Plan for Middle Schools)
Handout 5 (Student Data Tracking Sheet) Handout 6 (IPI for SASC and GED Students)
Handout 7 (Educational/Career Plan for LAA 1 Students) Handout 8 (Louisiana's Graduation Options)
Handout 9 (Region I Team Data Report) Handout 10 (Recovery Plan for Broadmoor School)
Handout 11 (Planning Outline for Vertical Teaming) Handout 12 (School-Specific Resource Map)
View Presentation (Middle School Transition Project) View Presentation (Improving Outcomes for Students with Disabilities Through Focused Monitoring)

Family Employment Awareness Training

View Presentation

Improving Outcomes for Students with Disabilities Through Focused Monitoring

View Presentation

Information Needs of Families in Transition

View Presentation

Legal Issues in Transition

View Presentation

Making Sense of Connections Between In-School Variables and Post-School Outcomes

View Presentation

Maryland Healthy Transitions Initiative
Handout 1 (Healthy Transitions Initiative) Handout 2 (Seamless Transition Collaborative Model Description) Handout 3 (Flow of Student Services)

Missouri's Dropout Prevention Model Schools Program

View Presentation

Moving Beyond the Magic Transition Checklist

View Presentation

Progressing Partnership - Arkansas

View Presentation

Promoting Quality Individualized Learning Plans: A "How to Guide"

View Presentation

Rhode Island Transition Academies
View Presentation Handout 1 (Inner Self Portrait)

Selecting Improvement Strategies and Applying Implementation Frameworks for Effective Practices

View Presentation

Self-Determination Instruction Across the Secondary Continuum

View Handout

Strategies to Sustain Transition-Focused Parent Training

View Presentation

Using Post-School Data to Develop State Initiatives

View Presentation

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