Age of Majority Resources

PACER provides two resources relating to age of majority issues for parents. The first resource (pdf, 246 KB) is a parent brief entitled Age of Majority: Preparing your child for making their own choices and the second is a one page overview of transferring parental rights at the age of majority.

The Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers provides a handout (pdf, 900 KB) that includes information relating to age of majority issues (see the last section). has posted two webcasts relating to age of majority issues. The first webcast entitled In Support of Supported Decision Making. The webcast description is as follows: For some students with intellectual, developmental, and mental disabilities there is a move to gain legal guardianship over the individual when the young person reaches the age of majority. Other families are taking a less proactive stance and instead are engaging in an activity known as Supported Decision Making (SDM). "It is based on the principle that all individuals have a right to self-determination and respect for their autonomy, irrespective of disability." Their second webcast, Guardianship: Rights, risks, and responsibilities, presents information relating to how under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) local school districts must inform parents of youth with disabilities of a student's adult rights a year before the student with a disability reaches the age of majority. State directives about guardianship, conservatorship, powers of attorney and other information are made available to families. This webinar outlines questions parents should ask prior to taking these steps.

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