Education Training

For the purposes of Indicator 14 data collection, engaged in "higher education" means a student who is enrolled in a two- or four-year degreed program provided by a community or technical college (two-year) and/or college/university (four- or more year program).

"Other postsecondary education or training" includes all other postsecondary education or training programs. These may include, but are not are limited, to:

  • Compensatory education programs;
  • High school completion document or certificate classes (e.g., Adult Basic Education, General Education Development (GED);
  • Short-term education or employment training program (e.g., Workforce Investment Act (WIA);
  • Job Corps;
  • Vocational technical school which is less than a two-year program;
  • Adult education; and
  • Workforce development.

Sources: Retrieved from National Post-School Outcomes Center at: on September 30, 2009 

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