Evidence-Based Practices

Descriptions of Practices and Predictors

Click on the links to the left for information regarding NSTTAC's review of intervention and correlational research and results of that review. The links include Practice Descriptions, organized by skills taught and intervention strategies, Research to Practice Lesson Plan Starters, and predictors of improved post-school outcomes. Additionally, there are evidence-based secondary transition resources from the What Works in Transition Synthesis Project and other Technical Assistance and Dissemination Centers. 

NSTTAC's Definitions of Evidence-Based Practices

Evidence-Based Practices, Research-Based Practies


Note: NSTTAC relied on the following sources to help with our process of identifying evidence-based practices:

Twyman, J. S. & Sota, M. (2008). Identifying research-based practices for response to intervention: Scientifically based instruction. Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools, 9, 86-101.

Innes-Helsel, F. K., Hitchcock, J. H., Miller, G., Malinow, A., & Murray, E. (April 7 - 11, 2006). Identifying Evidence-Based, Promising and Emerging Practices That Use Screen-Based and Calculator Technology to Teach Mathematics in Grades K-12: A Research Synthesis. Paper prepared for the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco.


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