Professional Development in Secondary Transition: Moving Beyond Compliance

Discussion Prompts for NSTTAC; Hosted Webinar January 28, 2021 3 – 4PM (Eastern) – click on public sessions and register for this webinar

  • What are the different entities in your State that (a) drive, (b) coordinate, and (c) provide professional development activities? How coordinated are these efforts? Could the coordination be improved and how?
  • Is there a systematic decision-making process for selecting the (a) topics, (b) formats, and (c) audience for professional development activities? Do your strategies for professional development match your intended outcomes for the activities? If yes, is your system functioning well? If no, where should you begin?
  • How can you improve your evaluation mechanisms regarding the professional development that is provided? What levels of evaluation are in place: (a) reaction, (b) learning, (c) organization change, (d) use of new knowledge and skills, (e) student learning? How do you manage the information you gather? How do you use the information you gather? Are there better ways to do these things?
  • How can you know when you've fully implemented the professional development to meet a specific objective in your state?
  • What other questions do you want to hear discussed? Have those ready.
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