Secondary Transition "Just in Time" Training Resources

One of the major obstacles to implementing quality secondary transition services is staff turnover. Since turnover can occur at all levels from the classroom, to the school system, to the state, when it occurs, it is important to ensure new personnel have the skills and knowledge necessary to continue implementing quality secondary transition services. This document is designed to provide transition personnel at all levels with access to information on critical secondary transition competencies. Based on the Division for Career Development and Transition's competency lists for secondary special educators (Blanchett, 2001) and transition specialists (DCDT, 2000), and the Council for Exceptional Children competencies for school leaders (CEC, 2008) the document is divided into three documents. One for secondary special education teachers, one for secondary transition specialists, and the third for state agency secondary special education administrators

Each document is a table listing the important competencies needed for each level of personnel, as well as when the competencies may be needed. Then, for each competency, resources are described and information on how to access the resource is provided. As a result, we hope this document will provide new (and veteran) secondary transition personnel with a "one-stop" access to materials needed to perform their jobs "just in time." Please correspond with NSTTAC, if you discover any links that have become outdated. Links to each "Just in Time" are below:

What Transition Specialists Need to Know (pdf);

What Secondary Special Education Teachers Need to Know (pdf); and

What State Agency Secondary Special Education Administrators Need to Know (pdf)


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This is an excellent page for resources for staff working with transition. I really liked the Need To Know booklet for the Special Education Directors: especially the timeline for gaining the information and competencies.

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