Transition Specialist: 
Susan Voirol

1535 West Jefferson Street
Room 349
Phoenix, AZ 85007

State Transition Resources:

This link provides access to a wide variety of transition-related resources.
Arizona Secondary Transition Main Page:

Transition to Adulthood Practice Protocol, a behavioral health–focused protocol to transition youth to adult services.

The Arizona Transition Leadership Team (ATLT) is an across stakeholder effort at the state level to work collaboratively to provide technical assistance and capacity development through professional development, collaborative funding and services as well as cooperative information sharing with a goal of reducing overlapping of services or gaps in services. has been approached to provide a way to complete work across these various stakeholders.
Shared Work Site

Professional Development Resources:

Arizona is working with NSTTAC using their State Capacity Building Tool.

Other State Activities:

Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services offers a two year, noncompetitive capacity building team training grant opportunity for local districts and charter schools. ADE/ESS, in partnership with the University of Kansas Transition Coalition, provides extensive training and resources to grant funded teams to improve Indicator 13 compliance. Through this process, schools are encouraged to push their students and school-wide transition planning process to the next level through interagency collaboration and teaming.