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Jill Larson
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Summary of Performance:

State Transition Resources:

The single best resource is the "Transition to Adult Living: An Information and Resource Guide." The Guide is a comprehensive handbook written for students, parents, and school district personnel. It provides practical guidance and resources that support the transition of youth from school to adulthood.

The California Department of Education completed a two-year study in 1981 that provided substantive information on the vocational programs for students with disabilities. Results of the study indicated that students were not being adequately prepared for the labor market. In response, WorkAbility I was initiated in November 1981 as a pilot project to test the concept of work experience for youth with disabilities. WorkAbility I continues to successfully conduct inter-agency coordination of services and received a designation as one of the ten best transition programs of its type in the United States. WorkAbility I has received national recognition of its success in matching young adults who have disabilities with employers who need workers.
Work Ability Program

Training Modules for the Transition to Adult Living: An Information and Resource Guide -

Transition Core Messages -

Other State Activities:

The CA Department of Education has begun working in a Community of Practice (CoP)with our secondary transition partners. Together we are planning for a conference to be held April 28-29 in Palm Desert. We are also working on other efforts as part of the CoP.