Transition Contact: 
Susan Walter
(618) 651-9028

Division of Special Education Services
100 North First Street, MCN 243
Springfield, IL 62777

Interagency Council: 
Transition License Name: 
Learning Behavior Specialist II, Transition Specialist


Summary of Performance: 

State Transition Resources:

Illinois' Secondary Transition web page provides access to a variety of resources, tools, and information related to transition planning.  Resources include materials on age appropriate transition assessment, measurable postsecondary goals, transition plan development, and links to other websites. This website also provides access to the Transition Outreach Training for Adult Living (TOTAL) Project training modules and resources. - 

The Indicator 13 web page includes information regarding district requirements for Indicator 13, tools and resources for FACTS data collection, district tools such as the Illinois Indicator 13 checklist, a Transition Practices Self-Assessment, a comprehensive PowerPoint slide show on building a better IEP, a transition plan sample, and links to resources from the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center. 

Professional Development Resources:

The Transition Practices Self-Assessment (TPSA) is adapted from Taxonomy for Transition Programming: A model for planning, organizing, and evaluating transition education, services, and programs. Kohler, P. (1996). The (TPSA) has been designed to support and assist school districts in determining their current practices and setting priorities for collaborative planning of new and/or evolved transition practices and services by using the self-assessment data to engage in action planning and appending the district improvement plan. The survey examines the status and need for improvement in five transition practice areas: (a) program structures, (b) collaboration, (c) student-focused planning, (d) student development, and (e) family involvement.  An accompanying training video was also developed to lead district teams through a strategic planning process. 

Other State Activities:

The IL State Board of Education recently published a revised Parent Handbook in June of 2009. The Handbook now has a specific chapter on Secondary Transition. The Handbook is available at the following link: