Transition Contact: 
Teresa Grossi

Division of Exceptional Learners
Indiana Department of Education
State House, Room 229
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2798

Interagency Council: 
Alternative Diplomas: 
CORE 40 Diploma (required for 4-year state college/university) General Diploma (required to enter into a 2-year college or technical school)
Alternative Pathways: 


State Transition Resources:

The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center...creates and enhances professional development activities and resources to support students with disabilities, as they transition from school to their adult lives, working and participating in their communities, jobs and/or postsecondary education.
Driven by current transition research and effective practices, the center partners with schools, families, students, and community organizations to build statewide and local capacity and to improve school and postschool outcomes for these students.  -

  • Building Quality Transition IEPs training for face-to-face
  • Transition IEP: A self-guided Tutorial
  • Transition IEP webinar – Lessons Learn From Across the State
  • Transition Assessment Module –
  • Transition Assessment Resource Guide-
  • Additional webinars and modules at –

Professional Development Resources:

See above--
Plus Indiana University (both major campuses) offer coursework at the undergraduate and graduate level in secondary transition.
Please see

Other State Activities:

IN completed roll-out of Indicator 13 and Indicator 14 trainings during the Fall of 2007 for over 1,000 school personnel, parents and teachers, vocational rehabilitation services, bureau of developmental disabilities, and advocates