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Debrajean Scheibel

ME Dept. of Ed


State Transition Resources:
The Youth Leadership Network and annual fall retreat are great opportunities (contact Michael Ashmore for further information). Another excellent resource is our online data system for secondary transition.

The Maine Transition Network has recently completed a demonstration project that addresses the understanding of one's disability, fears about disclosing disability information with employers, and that provides information on how to ask for accommodations.
Maine Transition Network

This curriculum is for youth ages 14-24 to train them to talk about their disability in an informed manner should they choose to disclose their disability in a work, school, and/or community setting. It is a supplement to the original 411 on Disability Disclosure: A Workbook for Youth with Disabilities (2005) developed by The National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability, Washington, DC: Institute for Educational Leadership. Over 100 youth leaders with disabilities ages 14-24 from all over Maine helped develop the curriculum. The activities expand upon the information and worksheets of the original 411 on Disability Disclosure to teach the skills and information in a fun and hands-on manner. Although the original 411 on Disability Disclosure is a workbook for youth with disabilities this supplemental curriculum also comes with a student workbook. The student workbook contains information, worksheets, and self-reflection guides that correspond with the activities of this curriculum
The 411 on Disability Disclosure

The Maine Transition Network has recently completed some great resources including the following: A disability disclosure curriculum was developed for young people and educators and A student workbook that accompanies the curriculum was also developed.
Maine Transition Website

Professional Development Resources:

Other State Activities:

We have nearly completed a Disability Disclosure curriculum. The curriculum will be available throughout the state. We are also working on a computer-based portfolio system and Summary of Performance.