Program Specialist: 
Rita Hammitt

Nebraska Department of Education
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68509

Interagency Council: 
Alternative Diplomas: 
Regular High School Diploma and Certificate of Completion
Alternative Pathways: 
Diploma received via graduation requirements (course credit completion) and completion of IEP goals/transition plan
Transition License Name: 
Transition Specialist


Summary of Performance:

State Transition Resources:

The state transition website includes a variety of technical assistance publications.  Nebraska's Transition Topics manual provides up-to-date information on Indicator 13, Nebraska's Post-School Outcomes Project, Adult Agencies and the Summary of Performance.  Additional website resources include monthly webinar details, guidance on age appropriate transition assessments, and updates from the Nebraska Youth Leadership Council.

Professional Development Resources:

Statewide trainings and supporting presentations are provided on the transition website.  Re-occurring state-wide trainings include the monthly webinars (archived for later viewings if needed) and the Transition Summer Institute which is a 3 credit graduate course offered by the state and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  
Additionally, grant monies were available in 2010-11 and 2011-12 to support five (5) regional team grants which cover the entire state.  Each regional team is conducting on-going secondary transition professional development for educators.  Additionally, competitive grants have been available to support innovative transition programming and professional development.

Other State Activities:

NB is continuously looking at the connection between various state performance State Performance Plan indicators. These efforts have been highlighted in Nebraska's Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities (ILCD) self-assessment project. Nebraska's Special Populations Office, in collaboration with VR, is in the process of developing a Youth Leadership Network. The Network will provide opportunities for transition age youth with disabilities to develop leadership skills. The Network will also promote membership in other youth organizations and provide input on disability-related issues, especially those affecting the transition from school to work and adult living.