Director of Special Education Team co-leader : 
Jennifer Kane

Nevada Department of Special Education
700 East Fifth Street, Suite 113
Carson City, NV 89701

Interagency Council: 
Alternative Diplomas: 
NAC 389.035 'Standard Diploma' defined. (NRS 389.805) 'Standard Diploma' means a diploma which evidences a pupil's graduation from high school but which is not an adjusted diploma or an adult standard diploma. NAC 389.664 Units required to receive standard diploma. (NRS 385.080, 385.110, 388.360) 1. Except as otherwise provided in subsections 2 and 3, to receive a standard diploma evidencing graduation from high school, a pupil must, in addition to having passed the proficiency examination required by NRS 389.015, have earned a minimum of 15 units of credit for required courses and 7 1/2 units of credit for elective courses for a total of at least 22 1/2 units of credit. The units for the required courses must be earned in accordance with the following table: Required Course/Minimum Number of Units American government/1 American history/1 Arts and humanities, or career and technical education/1 English, including reading, composition and writing/4 Health education/1/2 Mathematics/3 PhysicAdvanced Diploma Standard Diploma Adjusted Diploma Adult Standard Diploma (Certificate of Attendance) (Endorsement of diploma indicating successful completion of a program of career and technical education)


State Transition Resources:

This link provides access to information on various careers in NV and the country as a whole.
NV Career Information System

This site provides an overview of DETR's divisions, and their many programs. DETR was formed to help the citizens of Nevada achieve their career goals, and to help strengthen Nevada's economic health by supporting businesses and their employment needs.
NV Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR)

This link provides access to NV's Parent Organization. The Organization seeks to increase the opportunities for home, community and school success for children with disabilities, including those who are at risk or who have serious emotional disturbances, their families and their service providers, through education, encouragement and empowerment activities.
NV Parent Organization

Professional Development Resources:

Statewide Transition Trainings

Module 1: Law & Compliance Learning Objectives - Participants will increase their understanding of: 

  1. Federal and State laws as they pertain to transition requirements2. The responsibilities of the special education case manager in planning and developing the transition components of a compliant IEPModule 
  2. The Transition-Focused IEPLearning Objectives - Participants will:
    1. Increase their understanding of Federal and State laws as they pertain to transition requirements
    2. Increase their ability to think about and write IEPs in a transition-focused manner
    3. Understand best practices as they relate to improving results-oriented outcomes for students.