North Dakota

Special Education Coordinator: 
Gerry Teevens

Office of Special Education
600 East Boulevard Ave., Dept. 201
Bismarck, ND 58505

Interagency Council: 
Alternative Pathways: 
Our state offers an optional high school curriculum for students for a student if after two years of high school the student has failed to pass at least one-half unit from three semester core content courses or has a grade point average at or below the twenty-fifth percentile of other students who are enrolled in the same grade.


Summary of Performance:

State Transition Resources:

  • Seconadry Transition Guidelines - state and Federal
  • Transition IEP process and examplesTransition Assessment Trainings and Transition Assessment MatrixInteragency Council State and Regional ResourcesSummary of Performance ResourcesGaurdianshipo and Transfer of RightsIndicator 13 Monitoring training and resourcesParental Consent for Agency Invitation to the IEP guidance
  • Functional CurriculumAETs Project - Adult Transition Services Project (18-21)National ResourcesAdult agency partners

Professional Development Resources:

Annual Training Conference -

Secondary Transition trainng powerpoints, Secondary Transition Interagency biennial Conference -

ND CEC Conference

Parent involvement Conference

ND DPI Special Education/Title 1 annual Conference -

Other State Activities: