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State Transition Resources:

This site provides access to resources and tools relating to transition efforts in PA. The site includes the work between the various state agencies and local stakeholders. The site also provides for ongoing communication and sharing among all stakeholders. Sample of public group pages include Aligning Accommodations and Supports, Presentations from the 2007 PA Transition Forum, Career and Transition Assessment, Healthy Lifestyles and Community Participation, and Transition of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
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This section allows one to access various resources and information relating to the state training and technical assistance network (PaTTAN).
Secondary Transition Section - PA Training & Techn

The Pennsylvania Department of Health Southwest Regional staff and their community partners recognized a gap in health services for with special health care needs. When these youth leave school, they transition from having different or no insurance coverage, from seeing pediatric specialists to searching for adult medical specialists, and from good coverage for medications to having to understand new systems for obtaining medicines. Working with the State Transition Team, agencies, and families, the Transition Health Care Checklist (PDF); Text; Spanish was created to guide youth, families, and professionals during this time of change.
Transition Healthcare Checklist

Secondary Transition Toolkit for Youth -

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Other State Activities:

PA is developing and piloting an online course and training DVD for professional staff. We hope to have this product ready by February 2008.