West Virginia

Coordinator, Office of Special Programs: 
Sheila Paitsel


State Transition Resources:

A nice publication for students and parents on the transfer of rights.
Transfer of Rights Brochure

From High School to the Workforce proposes a creative approach to support some students with disabilities who desire to graduate with a standard diploma through participation in a meaningful program of study that prepares them for entry into the workforce. The program targets intensive career exploration, specific occupational preparation, and development of basic academic and work related skills.
From High School to the Workforce

This site provides access to a variety of resources relating to transition services in WV.
WV Transition Site

This link provides access to a one-page transition process visual that will help students, families, agency staff, and teachers to better understand the process of transition. NOTE: if you get an error message when you click on the link simply go to the address window and hit enter (this will renter the link).
Transition Process Visual

Professional Development Resources:

The Teach 21 site is an interactive tool providing access to all state standards and supports for assuring 21st century instruction for all WV students. Exploration of this component of the WVDE website is necessary to understand its depth.
Teach 21 Site

A new discussion and information ning site has been posted for individuals interested in transition services, WV Transition Collaborative Community of Practice. It has been established to provide a forum for staff and others to develop skills and understandings about specific topics of transition through discussion forums.
WV Discussion and Information Ning Site

Other State Activities: