Education Consultant, Special Education Team: 
Wendi Dawson

Department of Public Instruction (DPI),
125 S. Webster Street,
Madison, WI 53703

Interagency Council: 
Alternative Pathways: 
GEDO 2 Program
Transition License Name: 
Transition Specialist Certification - UW-Whitewater

Summary of Performance:

http://dpi.wi.gov/sped/forms06.html, see Form 3 

State Transition Resources:

This link provides access to a Resource Directory shared by three state agencies in collaboration with state and local transition contacts.
WI State Transition Project Website

This link provides access to a variety of family-related resources for the transition from school to work.

The Wisconsin Post High School Outcomes Survey (WPHSOS) assesses the outcomes of individuals with disabilities one year after they have exited high school. Former students are contacted for a telephone interview to assess areas independent living, participation in postsecondary education, employment, and high school IEP planning. Once during 2007-12, each district in Wisconsin will be required to use this website to fulfill the requirements of Indicator 14 of the State Performance plan. In addition to using the WPHSOS website in a compliance year, districts may choose to use the website any year to collect outcomes data on local exiters. In addition to the required reporting elements of Indicator 14, this site provides many ways for districts to review their outcomes data.
WI Post High School Survey

This document provides important information on disability documentation. While developed for WI, most of the information applies to your state as well.
Disability Documentation Guide

WI Department of Public Instruction webpage for transition related tools, resources, etc for transition planning in our state:  see http://dpi.wi.gov/sped/transition.html

WI Department of Public Instruction funds a discretionary grant:  WI Statewide Transition Initiative:  see website for an extensive collection of tools, resources, etc under A-Z topics:  www.wsti.org

Professional Development Resources:

Wisconsin Transition Conference - see at www.wsti.org

Modules, presentations, and additional conferences information - see www.wsti.org