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How would work based learning experiences (WBLE) help you?

  • WBLE help Youth Service Professionals collaborate with school systems to achieve elements of school to work reform such as (a) student's workplace assignment should be based on a workplace learning plan to which the student, school, and employer have all concurred, and the student's progress in that assignment should be monitored on a regular basis; and (b) staff must be supported by a system which recognizes that it takes time and resources to develop effective partnerships and work-based learning opportunities. Identifying and engaging appropriate organizations in the community to provide work-based learning opportunities takes time, commitment, and hard work.
  • WBLE help Youth Service Professionals improve post-school outcomes for students with disabilities. Research consistently indicates that when students with disabilities participate in work based learning experiences (i.e., career awareness, work study, paid employment), their post-school outcomes improve (Test et al., 2009).


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Career Exploration
Job Shadowing
Work Sampling
Service Learning
Paid Employment
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