OSEP Funded Personnel Preparation Programs in Secondary Transition

 Auburn University

Auburn University offers a M.Ed. degree in Secondary Transition.  This program is designed to advance knowledge and understanding of research-based transition practices associated with improved outcomes for high-need youth with disabilities.  Full-time or part-time enrollment is permitted.  Funding for current grant ends December 2014.  For additional information visit their website by clicking http://education.auburn.edu/catts


The George Washington University

We are pleased to announce our on-line Youth Transition, Career, and Vocational Services Master's degree program.  The U.S. Department of Education has awarded us a five-year grant to support the on-line Master's program.  Funding will cover a large portion of student tuition costs.

Students are expected to register for at least 2 courses (6 credits) per semester.  We will be offering the first course in the program's sequence, SPED 236: Introduction to Vocational, Career, and Transition Services, this summer.

Please forward this information to colleagues who may be interested in this Master's program. For more information about the Master's program or tuition award, please email Bridget Green at greenb@gwu.edu or Dr. Michael Ward at mjward@gwu.edu.  Additional information may be found by clicking Youth Transition, Career, and Vocational Services: A Distance Education Master of Arts Program.


Portland State University

For more information about the transition program at Portland State University, please contact Ann Fullerton at fullertona@pdx.edu


San Diego State University

For more information about the transition program at San Diego State University, please contact John Johnson at johnson7@mail.sdsu.edu


University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is now offering specialized preparation of doctoral students in special education through an OSEP funded Doctoral Leadership Grant, Project NeXus. The program is recruiting highly qualified individuals, who have the experience, history, and enthusiasm to become an influential special education leader, researcher, and scholar. For more information about the program (and U. Conn's graduate certificate in transition program), please contact Dr. Joseph Madaus at joseph.madaus@uconn.edu. For the doctoral program you may apply at www.education.uconn.edu/howtoapply/grad.cfm.


University of Illinois

The aim of Project SET is to prepare highly qualified special educators with knowledge, skills, and leadership to earn a state certification in secondary transition and improve transition processes for high-need youth with disabilities and their families in the Chicago area.  Scholars complete a three-semester, six-class sequence of coursework and experiences that include (a) use of program curriculum and assessments that draw on key components for transition personnel preparation, (b) instruction about evidence-based practices for transition taught by university and regional agency partners, (c) expansion of the purposes and outcomes of clinical practica to deliver transition services to youth with disabilities in high need schools, (d) provision of ongoing in-classroom support, and (e) further development of innovative opportunities to work collaboratively with regular education secondary personnel. In addition, program graduates will become part of a network called "Specialists in Residence" as they begin their new roles as Illinois state-certified Transition Specialists.  For additional information, please contact Dr. Lisa Cushing lcushing@uic.edu or Dr.Michelle Parker-Katz mparker@uic.edu  


University of Kansas

The transition program at the University of Kansas provides instruction in an online mode of delivery.  Students enrolled in this program will earn a Graduate Certificate or Master's degree to provide special education and transition services for students with disabilities in the context of the general education setting.   Funding for current grant ends September 2014.  For additional information, visit their website by clicking http://www.transitioncoalition.org


University of Maryland

For more information about the transition program at the University of Maryland, please contact Philip Burke at pjburke@umd.edu


University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma Transition Scholars Education Program is a new OSEP funded project to recruit and train 40 masters level scholars in secondary transition education over the next five years. The aim of this project is to increase the quantity and quality of transition education specialists to address the shortage of secondary education teachers in Oklahoma and surrounding states knowledgeable in transition education practices. Financial support is available for up to eight scholars per year. Coursework consists of a minimum of 36 credit hours, with 18 credit hours specifically focusing on transition education. For more information, please contact Dr. Kendra Williams-Diehm klwd@ou.edu or Dr. Jim Martin jemartin@ou.edu


University of Oregon

Students selecting this program may earn a Master's degree in Secondary Special Education and Transition.  This program focuses on transition services needed for disadvantaged youth to have more positive outcomes.  A full-time program, completion takes 1-2 years.  Funding for current grant ends December 2014.  For additional information visit their website by clicking http://sset.uoregon.edu/people.html


University of South Carolina

Preparation of Secondary Transition Specialists (Project POSTS) is a 2-year, full-time transition program that prepares special educators to facilitate integrated adult life outcomes for individuals with disabilities.  Students will have the opportunity to work with youth and adults with disabilities in high school, in college settings, and through adult service agencies.  Project POSTS grants either an MAT or M.Ed. with a certification in either learning disabilities, emotional/behavior disorders, intellectual disability, or severe and multiple disabilities. Additionally, they will receive a specialization in secondary education and transition programming for students with disabilities.  For additional information about POSTS, click University of South Carolina


Utah State University

The Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation at Utah State University offers a two-year, 39-credit program that leads to a M.S. or M.Ed in Special Education with a concentration in transition.  This program prepares special education teachers licensed at the bachelor’s level and other eligible graduate students to be interdisciplinary transition service providers equipped with skills and knowledge necessary to work collaboratively with youth who have disabilities, their families, and other agencies towards successful post-school outcomes.  This program is based on a true interdisciplinary partnership.  Disciplines represented in coursework, practica, and other experiences include general and special education, rehabilitation counseling, applied behavior analysis, vocational education, and adult education.  Please visit the following website to learn more about our program: http://www.transitionspecialist.org


If you have additional professional development information that you would like for us to know about, please email nsttacmail@uncc.edu

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